Join us in a series of linked, sequential, escalating, nonviolent actions . . . .
April 16-21Peace Walk from Rochester to Syracuse
April 17-21Peace Walk from Ithaca to Syracuse
April 21, 6pmPot Luck and Presentation at St. Lucy's Gym in Syracuse
   Keynote Speaker: Kathy Kelly of Voices for Creative NonViolence
April 22, 9amWalk of Transformation
   Begin at Syracuse Federal Building (where Senator Schumer’s office is housed)
   Lunch Program at ArtRage Gallery with Brian Terrell of Iowa Catholic Worker
   Finish at Hancock Air National Guard Base, ready to rally!
April 22, 3pmRally at Hancock Air National Guard Base
   with Elliott Adams, Kathy Kelly, Brian Terrell
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Why Friday, April 22?
Friday, April 22 is Good Friday. It is Earth Day. It falls on Juma'ah, the Muslim day of Worship, and during Passover.
Friday April 22 is a work day, a holiday, a day of commemoration and a special day of contemplation.

Why Protest?
Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) used by the military for surveillance, targeted assassinations, and bombings. Drones used in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Yemen have killed hundreds of innocent civilians. Drones violate international and U.S. law on political assassinations. Intelligence used in drone target selection is notoriously unreliable. Domestic Drone use has begun on U.S./Canadian/ and U.S. /Mexican borders.

Hancock Air National Guard Base is a drone center, and if Sen. Schumer has his way, drone activity will increase. Currently operations include missions in Afghanistan as well as operator training, and maintenance of Reaper Drones. Accidents could occur in civilian air space, and the operation also brings Syracuse into “the War on Terror,” making it a potential target. The jobs generated are few, and drone operators suffer high rates of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Sponsors: Brooklyn for Peace, Broome County Peace Action, The Buffalo Interfaith Network, Fellowship of Reconciliation, The Gandhi Institute, Historians Against the War, Ithaca Catholic Worker, Metro Justice Peace Action and Education, New York State Direct Action For Peace, Peace Action of Central New York, The Peace Education Project of Buffalo, Peace Now Ithaca, Progressives In Action, Rochester Against War, ScarfsForPeace, Slocum House, Syracuse Peace Council, The Upstate AntiWar Network, Veterans for Peace: Buffalo Chapter 128, Ithaca Chapter 038, NYC Chapter 034, Woodstock Chapter 058, Vietnam Veterans Against the War – Ithaca, Western NY Peace Center, World Can’t Wait